Jasmine & Lavender

Bright Lavender

Last month was dedicated to jasmine, and in this coming month SmellyBlog will be paying extra attention to lavender as an ingredient in flavour, skincare and perfumes. I've been craving a perfume that combines both of these wonderful notes, and my lab experiments with this idea seem to be a befitting way to transition from one theme to the next.

I've approached this "brief" if you will, in a rather simple way: layer together jasmine perfumes and lavender perfumes and see if that works. I layered Brin de Reglisse over some rather dramatic white-florals to mellow down their headiness. And when I approached this in the lab - I began the day before by layering my two soliflores - Lovender and Yasmin.

I'm not a fan of layering, and I'll tell you why: what usually happens for me when layering one perfume over another on the skin is that the top one will dominate. It's a very rough way to blend two scents together, and on the way, the nuances of one are lost, and some things that are not necessarily desirable get amplified. In this case, the coumarin notes in Lovender were just too much to my liking and the mimosa in Yasmin just smelled sour and icky. That's why I hardly ever recommend layering scents... The results are so far from the original intent of the perfumer.

With those problems anticipated I set off to compose something that takes the best of both worlds (hopefully). I sort of amalgamated the two formulae, but decreased the amount of coumarin-rich components. My Jasmine & Lavender fixation was satisfied. And I got to play in the lab with some other ideas that kept me itching with curiousity. Such as another try at bringing out the tea qualities of jasmine, and rebatching limited edition Jasmine Pho - a refreshing, almost juicy-aldehydic, green-citrusy jasmine fragrance that is very enjoyable in summer.

Stock Updates...

Quick stock update:
Magnolia Petal and Coralle are completely sold out of samples and have 2 minis left of each. Perfect for spring getaway, something light and fun to take in your pocket (or carry-on).

New perfumes that have just now become available in the mini size:
Jasmine Pho
New Orleans (launching tomorrow!!!)

Also, I'm thrilled to announce these One Of A Kind perfumes that are now available for adoption as your own signature scent:

Arborvitae perfume is a complex and evolving elixir for the daring individual who chosen such an ethereal journey. This is a 10ml Roll-on perfume oil in a base of jojoba.

Wintery maple-syrup richness from the everlasting flower paired with velvety-smooth vanilla notes, ambergris and exotic resins to create a mysterious, dark gourmand that is otherworldly. Comes as a perfume oil only.

Opoponax perfume sheds sunny light over the mystery of musk in this bold, leathery oriental. The presence of musky opoponax resin is taken to the extreme when paired with notes that are rarely used in perfumery in such high concentrations. Opoponax perfume is surprisingly smooth and robust, with exotic floral notes from India, a dash of spice and a foundation of amber, tobacco and sunny helicrysum.

Sandal Tree
Sandalwood trees are a rare thing of beauty and unfortunately are becoming extinct. This perfume, made of some remaining stock of Indian sandalwood, with sustainable sandalwood oils from Vanuatu and Australia, is infused with the floral delights of jasmine and kewda, and some spicy cardamom to bring to you the spiritual and sensual joys of India.

Tropical Tea Party - The Presentation

Tropical Flowers Scent Strips, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

Tropic flowers we smelled: Tuberose absolute, orange blossom absolute, golden champaca absolute, ylang ylang extra, ylang ylang concrete, Pink Lotus, Jasmine grandiflorum, Egyptian Jasmine, Jasmine Sambac, Attar Motia (jasmine sambac attar), Tea rose essential oil (from China). When smelling the jasmines, we compared the different kinds, and also demonstrated their relationship to civet (the indole that is so strongly present in both - especially in Jasmine grandiflorum from India).

Indian Attars, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

Indian Attars we smelled at the presentation:
Kewda Attar, Summer Rose Attar, Saffron Attar, Attar Motia (Jasmine Sambac), and several Indian attars that are complete perfumes made of tens of not around 100 different spices, woods and flowers: Amulya Attar, Amberi Attar, Black Musk Attar

And last but not least - presenting 4 Limited Edition Tropical Flower & Spice perfume, which I will discuss in more detail over the course of the next few days on SmellyBlog. For now let's just announce their names and main theme:

Tuberose Massaman - tuberose against steamed curried rice notes of turmeric and saffron attar, and of course - a massaman curry blend of spice oils and lemongrass.

Jasmine Pho - clear and transparent jasmine tea against fresh cilantro, basil and lime as they steep in a freshly brewed Vietnamese Pho noodle soup.

Curry Rose - Indian summer rose attar and Ruh Gulab spiced with cumin-laden Indian curries, overtop the fenugreek-like notes of immortelle and patchouli shawls.

Champaca Chai - cooking chai on top of the Himalayas, evoking the spice, tea, steamy full-cream milk and the smoke from the woods that burnt to make this elixir.

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