Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah to you and yours!
May the holiday be filled with light, warmth and lovely latkes.

The next coming 8 days I'm going to try to mention (can't promise daily full blog posts during market season) scented candles that I enjoy. Today my place smells like Gabriel's Aunt Bohem. And not because the candle is lit, but because it was placed too close to the heater, and when I noticed that, I opened the travel tin to see just at what stage of melting it was... Pretty advanced, I discovered as I spilled a good portion of it on my carpet! That was a very silly idea of a curious mind...
But my living room smells like a pack of fresh tobacco awaiting rolling and it's very lovely even if a little naughty and not particularly Hanukkah-appropriate.
It's a beautiful candle and if you are into quirky, leathery tobacco scents you must try this. It rocks!

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Accidents Happen

Accidents happen. And sometimes they turn out to be more happy that they may have seemed at first. Take today's accident, in which for the first time in my life I broke my own bottles (yes, 3 of them, all at once!) of perfumes. I coudln't for the life of me even recognize the scent that I lost; it smelled like nothing I've smelled before, nothing I've made before to be sure of it.

And that's because it wasn't just one scent; it was two which knocked into each other as they broke their necks, spilling out their guts and mingling with one another.

The two scents where two I would have never in my dreams think of mixing, and the result was intoxicating. If you guess what they were, you'll win a special prize... I'm not sure what that could be... How about those two perfumes mixed together in equal amounts just to prove my point?

On another note, my day was filled today with a photo shoot for a really, really cool display gadget for my perfumes; and also I made some amazing teas from some of those incredible materials I had to buy from the market for the photoshoot. One tea was jasmine green tea mixed with spearmint and omsanthus blossoms; the second being lots of freshly sliced lemongrass with a hint of lemon verbena and jasmine green tea. Both were very refreshing and thirst-clenching.
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