Monkey Monday: Vacation Mode

Hope you all had a great, long, and enjoyable Labour Day weekend!
I'm on vacation mode till Wednesday and to be honest have absolutely no peculiar scent related anecdote for Monkey Monday! Shame on me!
However, I thought we can use this post to bring up any topics you would like to read more about on SmellyBlog. i.e.:
What should be the next theme for the "Decoding Obscure Notes" series? Some mentioned mineral/salty notes via our Facebook fanpage, and there were some other good ideas floating around there...
Any perfume review requests?
Anything else at all?
I'm listening :-)

Among the commentators, there will be a lucky draw to win a sample collection from Matriarch (Value: $100).

Small Wonders at Dream

Good things come in small packages... And although my perfumes have always been presented in rather compact packaging and bottles due to the preciousness of the raw materials used, one can always go even smaller!
Today I brought in my minuscule sample vials for sale at Dream and Little Dream, so that those who can't quite make up their mind if to pick up a sultry Film Noir, cheerful Tamya or just the random citrus splash of ArbitRary could take a small step towards making this world a better smelling place...

You can now purchase sample packages of the Dream Sampler Set, containing all 6 scents sold at Dream and Little Dream: Bon Zai, Ayalittam Tamya, ArbitRary, Film Noir and White Potion.

And to make matters even better - how about the Dream Coffret of 8 minis: all 6 Dream scents (Bon Zai, Ayalittam Tamya, ArbitRary, Film Noir and White Potion) plus special guests for the season: Bois d'Hiver and Fête d'Hiver!

And for those of you who have decided what they want, and purchase a full-sized bottle (i.e.: roll-on or miniature) at Dream - you will receive a sample of your choice from these 6 dreamy scents.*

Dream Apparel in Gastown
311 Cordova Street West (between Homer & Cambie)
Vancouver, BC V6B 1E5
(604) 683-7326

Little Dream Apparel Articles for People on Granville Island, in the Netloft building
130-1666 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3S2
(604) 683-6930

* This offer is valid only until Monday, September 20th, or while quantities last.

Thank you!

Dear readers,

First of all - a heart felt thank you for your many Mazal Tov wishes for Tamya's Bat Mitzvah.
I read all of them to her and she was overjoyed!

Tamya had a fantastic Bat Mitzvah; we celebrated it by bowling with friends and eating ice-cream cake (more accurately: Gelato cake - coconut and mango flavours - which I tried very hard not to melt before the games were over!). It was truly fantastic and heart warming to see how many people are involved in Tamya's life and how much she is loved. There is just something about her that makes people fall in love with her wherever she goes!

Your Tamya perfume samples will be sent in the mail later this afternoon (Tamya is going to help me, of course - she is my post-office assistant after all!). There is still one unclaimed sample (as Helg didn't want one - and in any case, I think she already tried Tamya before!). So please keep the comments coming :)



P.s. and some of you I am not sure I have your addresses - so please do email me with your mailing address - Nicole, Jeannie, Tatiana, Dollface, Katie, Felicia, Pavlova, ScentSelf & Melis.
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