Small Wonders at Dream

Good things come in small packages... And although my perfumes have always been presented in rather compact packaging and bottles due to the preciousness of the raw materials used, one can always go even smaller!
Today I brought in my minuscule sample vials for sale at Dream and Little Dream, so that those who can't quite make up their mind if to pick up a sultry Film Noir, cheerful Tamya or just the random citrus splash of ArbitRary could take a small step towards making this world a better smelling place...

You can now purchase sample packages of the Dream Sampler Set, containing all 6 scents sold at Dream and Little Dream: Bon Zai, Ayalittam Tamya, ArbitRary, Film Noir and White Potion.

And to make matters even better - how about the Dream Coffret of 8 minis: all 6 Dream scents (Bon Zai, Ayalittam Tamya, ArbitRary, Film Noir and White Potion) plus special guests for the season: Bois d'Hiver and Fête d'Hiver!

And for those of you who have decided what they want, and purchase a full-sized bottle (i.e.: roll-on or miniature) at Dream - you will receive a sample of your choice from these 6 dreamy scents.*

Dream Apparel in Gastown
311 Cordova Street West (between Homer & Cambie)
Vancouver, BC V6B 1E5
(604) 683-7326

Little Dream Apparel Articles for People on Granville Island, in the Netloft building
130-1666 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC V6H 3S2
(604) 683-6930

* This offer is valid only until Monday, September 20th, or while quantities last.

New: Custom Coffrets @ Ayala Moriel Parfums

I've just added to the website custom coffrets of our miniatures, encased in a nice long gift box - perfect for travel or for gift giving.

Pick your favourite 8 perfumes for your own custom coffret, or select the ones I've put together:

The Tea Time Coffret is a collection of tea perfumes, including Charisma (green tea), Fetish (green tea), Gaucho (yerbamate), Immortelle l'Amour (rooibos), Finjan (for the helpless coffee addicts among you!), Kinmokusei (green tea), Roses et Chocolat (has a matching perfumed tea) and The Purple Dress (black tea).

The Gourmand Coffret contains all of our mouthwatering gourmand perfumes, including Cabaret (Coconut and Rahat Loukum), Film Noir (dark chocolate & patchouli), Finjan (spiced Turkish coffee) Guilt (caramel chocolate with orange blossom), Black Licorice (star anise and vanilla), Immortelle l'Amour (cinnamon waffles with maple), Roses et Chocolat (roses, amber and chocolate), and Sahleb (milky pudding dessert with rosewater, orris and butter).
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