Zangvil Is Here!

Zangvil Perfume Launch

Dear Fragrant Friends,

Winter is fast approaching, and to keep us all cozy, calm and content during this holiday season, I've concocted Zangvil perfume and white tea. This Sunday, 20.11.2011, we'll celebrate Zangvil's debut at the studio with a winter-white tea party, which is also the perfect occasion to lauch White Potion chocolate bar - our 4th fragrant chocolate with CocoaNymph - fashioned after the White Potion perfume (and truffles!). We are almost full - but still have a couple of teacups waiting for you!

In this newsletter:

  1. Introducing: Zangvil!
  2. Zangvil White Tea
  3. Zangvil Triple Launch Tea Party 20.11.2011
  4. White Potion Chocolate: 4th Fragrant Bar with CocoaNymph
  5. In The Media: LA Times Magazine
  6. Recipe: Blue Plum & Almond Torte (Gluten Free)
  7. Winter Events
  8. Postal Deadlines for Christmas
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