Fish Oil?

Contrary to most writing rules, I'm opening this post with a question, rather than a statement. Fish oil is one of those things that I always heard awful things about growing up - how awful it tasted, and how my parents (growing up in the 50's) had to swallow it daily.

And here I am finding myself fishing for some oil and spilling half of it on my hands as I try to measure out the right amount. I know it also come in capsules, but I've been swallowing so many anti-inflammatory drugs recently in order to convince a herniated disc to go back to where it belongs; that avoiding more pills, even if it means swallowing some disturbing and smell stuff seems rather appealing.

With it's "great lemony flavour" it actually does not taste all that bad. But it leaves a streak of scent on my fingers no matter how hard I try not to spill. Lemon and fish oil. Sigh... And guess what? I'm finding it strangely appealing. Sort of like a low concentration of calone. Almost like the aquatic men's cologne that's been permeating the elevator in my building for the past week or so (Aqua de Gio or something along these lines).

That lemon and fish scent reminds me of Orcas' interplay between seaweed and lime (although it's not nearly as fishy); and makes a little turn to bring me to the Coal Harbour perfume, juxtaposing rather horrific man-made scents with the delightful nature contrasting it - diesel lawn-mawer and cut grass; ocean breeze and jet fuel; decaying polluted sealife and airy flowering trees...
I promise it will end up being wearable. But it will take a while...
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