Eau de Tinkerbelle

100 Jasmine Concrete
100 Muguet de Bois (Blanc)
50 Ivy
10 Citron
200 Snow Orchid (Silver)
30 Cloud Essence (Citrine-Vert)
1000 Liquid Air (Pink)
1000 Midnight Dew from Snow Orchid
Distill in a crystal ball for 24 hours, while shaking your bells vigorously.
No additional filtration is necessary

Eau de Tinkerbelle, a boronia soliflore I created in 2004, is back by customer request. I'll be blending one small batch for Princess Ellie, and than there will be 2 extra bottles for the boronia lovers among you to snatch and savour. The ingredients are really, really rare, which is why I will only be making a tiny amount of this.

Eau de Tinkerbelle is a green and playful attribute to the little envious fairy from Peter Pan. A single floral of the exotic and rare Tasmanian Boronia - a beautiful absolute reminiscent of freesias and violet, with a hay-like, sea-breeze undertone.

Top notes: Mimosa, Cassis
Heart notes: Boronia, Jasmine, Hyacinth
Base notes: Green Tea, Ambrette, Sandalwood

Fantasy Formulas

These fantastic perfume formulas of perfumes that never existed and never could exist, are sketches reflecting own fertile imagination, the inspirations to some of my perfumes, and a conceptual outlines or briefs of what my perfumes are meant to be...

Here are the links to a few of my Fantasy Formulas that I have decided to make public:




50 Green Curduroy Extract
30 Pineapple Toothpaste Absolute
50 Seaweed Absolute
1 Chloe and Colin’s First Kiss
40 Yellow of a handkerchief
500 Lung Water Lilly Absolute
50 Gunpowder Roses
60 Glimpses of light reflected on a shiny floor, harvested by a mouse
700 Teardrops

Mix all the ingredients in the exact order described above using a Pianola.
It is crucial that you keep the harmony and in the New Orleans’ Jazz spirit, to keep all the ingredients in the right proportions.

The end will be tragic: the concoction will be used to the last drop. It is guaranteed that the person that wears it will die in the end. That is the perfect beauty of living a mortal life.
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