Last Day for Mother's Day Deal!

Today is the last day for our very special Mother's Day deals:

15% off on everything you get on our online boutique (sample packages and wardrobes are the only exception - for anything else, you get 15% off whatever is the price listed currently online).
To activate this deal, please add the code "MOM415" in the comment box in the checkout. Your order will be refunded manually after we receive it on our end.

Also, we have a deal via Groupon for an Afternoon Tea & Perfume Sensorium.
Get a ticket to one of our own events (which also gives you a $50 gift certificate); or purchase a voucher for your very own event!
Our tea parties have been featured in Taste & Sip Magazine and Fresh Cup Magazine, and make a perfect memorable experience for bridal stagettes, baby showers, anniversaries and other triumphant moments in life you'd want to celebrate with close family and friends!

Perfume Workshops on Groupon for 48hrs Only!

Check out Groupon's Daily Deal in Vancouver starting at midnight (Wednesday, October 12th and running for 48 hours only). For those of you who've been always dreaming of coming to my studio for perfume making workshops - your moment has arrived!!!

The other part of this offer is my new series of interactive lectures under the general title "Introduction to Natural Perfumery" - each month, a special theme that is relevant to the season will be featured, and each one is a unique experience - some feature tea and chocolate tasting sessions, and others will answer many questions you've been too shy to ask, such as how to use perfume to attract a lover - or even how it can be used to communicate with spirits of the dead (especially useful for Halloween ;-), and will learn about the history of perfumes and the spice trade all the while sniffing the most prized perfumes and raw materials from around the world. For more details about each month's special featured lecture, look in our newly updated calendar for 2011/2012!

Vancouverites are not the only ones who should check out this feature - if you're from out of town and planning a trip to British Columbia in the next 12 months, you may want to take advantage of this unique opportunity!

If you're a Groupon member you probably know, a certain number of people must sign up for the deal to run so please help me make it happen! And also, the more referrals you bring in the better deal you get. And don't forget to tell all your friends about it
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