Behind The Scenes of Scary Carrie

After moving to Paris with Big, life went only downhill for Carry. He's become too involved in his mysterious business and Carrie had too much time on her hand. The less attention she got from Big, the more she realized that life with a guy with such an ordinary name requires a lot of shoes and perfume to make up for the empty void that grew inside her. Surely and quickly, shopaholism has lost control. After maxing out her credit card on a pair of Delacroix stilettos, she spotted that temptingly glistening factice, she finally realized the true reason behind the stiletto's design and set off for action...

Yet, somehow, Carrie feels that she (or perhaps it is her imaginary friend, whom she often refers to as "Sarah Jessica Parker") are completely innocent, even after she was clearly documented and caught red-handed in the process of stealing her friend's perfume from a shop at the Place Vandome.

If you too feel that Carrie (she now claims to be an innocent American in Paris and goes by the above name of the imaginary friend who's name is all over the perfume bottle she attempted to steal) - than you are encouraged to help her out of jail via this website.

Perhaps a little of "behind the scenes" will help you solve the crime?

Instead of Perfume Review: Covet

Since I have near nothing to say about Covet, the new scent by Sarah Jessica Parker (highly connected to the persona of her Carrie Bradshaw character of Sex and the City), I decided to go on a search for the many different uses of the solid perfume compact. Besides the obvious inspiration (or the confusing usage suggestions) of a make up compact (it also has glittery mica dust in it to further confuse you!) - there seemed to be at least 8 uses that I could think of effortlessly for that particular design. Let's see how Carrie is using it in her daily life...

Covet Faucet

Covet Faucet, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

Apparently, Carrie Bradshaw is not so much into writing her column anymore - she is now selling gold-initialed faucets in downtown Manhattan.

Covet Ashtray

Covet Ashtray, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

What a gal needs to feel better is knowing that she is leaving cigarette butts in a stylish ashtray AND that she can take them with her to anywhere she wants afterwards. Perfect for those who need to hide their habit from intimidating fiancé-candidates

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