Antique Amber - Cancer Zodiac Perfume Oil

Antique Amber - Cancer Zodiac Perfume Oil

Happy Summer Solstice!

Antique Amber perfume is a tribute to the sign of Cancer, whose colour is orange and correspondent "gemstone" none other than amber. Ruled by the moon, it is characterized by a similar ebb and flow and fluctuation of contrast - hot/cold, open/guarded. Cancer is the sign of home life, family and stability, motherly protection and nurturing.  

This perfume brings together water plants and amber, fragrantly portraying the qualities of Cancer: Deep Emotions, Sensitivity, and Mystery.  

Top notes: Borneol Camphor, Aniseed
Heart note: Jasmine
Base notes: Amber, Patchouli

Fragrance Family: Opulent Ambery

Cancer birthdate: June 21 - July 22 

Fundraiser for Tama Blough

Sad, sad news today :'-(

Tama Blough, the founder of the SF Sniff - a fragrant meetup and event in San Francisco, and also a perfume blogger and reviewer who's writing appeared regularly in CaFleurBon, is terminally ill with cancer.
The perfume community, although spread the world over, is tightly knit and some people become such an important part of our life even if only through the world wide web. Having met her a few times when I was in California for the Artisan Fragrance Salon, it is even more devastating to learn of her illness.

Tama's friend in fragrance Nina Zolotow has set up an online fundraiser to help her out in this tough time. Please lend a hand for a kindred spirit who's given much of herself to the perfume community. Let's give her something back, to make her last days on this earth as peaceful and comfortable as possible.

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