Le Parfumeur Rebelle reviews Smiling Country

As part of A Midsummer Night's Dream - A Scent Event, Le Parfumeur Rebelle reviews Smiling Country. Very soon, I will reveal all the notes... Until then, I'm thrilled to read the descriptions of how the scent makes each of the bloggers feel. Swimming in a cold lake was never the intention, yet makes me happy: I love swimming so much, that evoking this feeling in my perfumes can only bring a smile to my face :-)

Blind Scents Revealed on Scentzilla

Visit Scentzilla to read the reviews by Marlen and myself to the 4 mystery scents Katie have sent me, all christened by unusual names based on the titles of songs: Sleep by the Light of the Moon, Brand New Cadillac, Hermit McDermitt and The Sould of a Man. All were scents I never worn before (and I am embarassed to say I have never even heard about them before, what a shame! But also somewhat of a relief) . So more than just being an excercise and an experiment to see how much perfume advertising affects our perception of fragrance - it was also an opportunity to discover some unusual scents. Katie reveals their identity and adds her own comments about these four quirky scents. My favourite is Hermit McDermitt, of course... How could one resist an ice tea of lemongrass and galbanum?

Le Grandiose Révéler

I am back from the desert (paradise) Galiano Island, enjoying the serene scent of yellow freesias at my tabale, and am ready for the The Grand Reveal for the Blind Scent Reviews:

Youth Dew Bath Oil (Vintage)

Tabu Eau de Cologne

Opium Fleur Imperiale (Limited Edition Summer 2006)

Thanks to Victoria and The Scented Salamander - you are both the winners of the Spicy Sample Pack!

Please contact me at ayala@ayalamoriel.com with your mailing address so I can send you the prize!

Thanks for participating!

Blind Scent Reviewing & Guessing Contest!

End War NOW, originally uploaded by Lali°.

We played a game amongst us, Scentbloggers, where we sent each other unnamed samples of mystery scents. Each of us had at least 6 mystery scents to review, and the sender is suppose to reveal them on their blog after posting the reviews made by their blind bloggy-friends…

I sent three samples of mystery scents to Victoria and Patty, simple labeled as One, Two and Three. These were all oriental scents of different types: One was a dark (visually almost black in colour), oil based spicy oriental, in fact a vintage one; the second was a cheap drugstore ambery-spicy oriental that can be found anywhere on the planet for less than $20, and was amber in colour; The last one was the most transparent in colour, pale yellow, and is a limited edition oriental, a light interpretation of a very famous perfume, spicy still, but much lighter than the other two.

Here is what Victoria and Patty thought about the scents:


Victoria says:
"#1 is a nice amber oil. Maybe a hint of something else, like myrrh. Sweet and warm. My guess is maybe something by Kuumba Made. I like it".

Patty says:
"Wow! Deep and oudish, this is a great. Really strong and dark at the beginning, but the drydown is just spectacular. I'm really loving this, can I get some, please? I just wish it stuck around a little longer and -- oh, no, when it's almost gone, all the good stuff goes away and leaves a kind of musty rubber sheets note that I'm not liking at all".


Victoria says:
"#2 is a soft oriental. Vintage, with a nice sweet amber drydown. Powdery. I think I have smelled this before. It reminds me of Lou Lou, it has that feel, that era. It is light and soft with not much punch, I can't tell if that is because of age or composition. If it is composition, then it might be something like Windsong, or some older Avons come to mind, like Occur! or Topaz. If it has faded due to age, it may be a more classic house like Guerlain. Whatever it is, I like it. The vintage appeal, gives it a romantic, nostalgic feel".

Patty says:
"This went on a little meh, a note in there was bothering me. Vintage? It's drying down with a note in it that I personally don't care for. It just smells vintage to me, old fashioned, a little powdery".


Victoria says:
"#3 is modern, a fruity floral? I can't name the fruit, but it doesn't smell straight floral. I like this one very much too. Powdery with a coolness to it, maybe a touch of anice, do I smell tobacco, violets, ozone? A light medicinal note,benzene? Not a clue. Strangely compelling".

Patty says:
"Some white flower in this, a little sharp too, pretty, but not a smell that I'm going to keep in the memory banks as groundbreaking. Definitely pretty and wearable, though! It's just not lasting either".

I hope you could use Victoria and Patty’s blind reviews, and my clues above to reveal the scents yourself. I am just extending the game here, not really following the rules as we originally set, but I just thought it would be a fun summer game! Be the first to guess the scents, and win a sample pack of Ayala Moriel Parfums most spicy concoctions – Palas Atena, Fete d’Hiver, Epice Sauvage, Finjan and Rebellius!

You are also invited to visit the other participating blogs in the bling scent reviewing game:
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Perfume Critic.Com and Scentzilla! (my own blind reviews will be posted on there very soon)

The Big Reveal of both the names of the perfumes and the name of the winner for this blind contest will be announced on Tuesday night!
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