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Chocolate Dilemma

Some perfumes start with an abstract concept. Other perfumes are inspired by a building block - a note of distinct character the inspires the perfumer to explore possibilities and express the magnificent beauty of simplicity. So what happens when an unusually stunning building block is discovered in the middle of developing an abstract perfume?

I just received a new cocoa absolute which smells truly of chocolate. Sweetness and all. It’s all I have been looking forward to for reworking my chocolate perfume, Guilt, and perfecting it. Guilt is a leathery chocolate concoction, juxtaposing smoky notes, rich florals and deep brown chocolate and amber with a hint of spice. Rose, orange blossom, frangipani and mimosa create an interesting ethereal contrast to the hedonistic chocolate… Guilt has always been a dark, leathery scent, the concept being using the most guilt-inducing substances such as cigarette smoke and chocolate addiction as the theme for an unusual gourmand.
Now with the new sweet chocolate I am feeling tempted to re-work it into an altogether different concept - a milk chocolate, almost caramel-like, with sweet chocolate and vanilla, maybe also some tonka bean and amber. No flowers. No leather. No spices. Just chocolate.
Of course there is the possibility of starting a new scent, but I have promised myself to not over-expand my collection (one chocolate perfume should be enough).

Which of the two would make you feel most shamelessly guilty?

  • Chocolate PerfumeGuilt perfumeJournalPerfume News
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