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Pen Pal

(Noun) "A person with whom one becomes friendly by exchanging letters, esp. someone in a foreign country whom one has never met." (Apple Dictionary)

Soon after advertising my first “classified ad” sweet letters started arriving in the mail from different parts of the country, from girls my age who also liked nature, music and reading. They were all so sweet and friendly, but they were more real than imaginary friends. Except that I never got to meet them in person.
The letters usually had a faint background of pastel coloured images – of dogs with over sized heads and sad eyes, flowers and little girls in pink dresses. Some were really special, and I could tell even before I opened the letter – they had a tender scent of roses and sweet dreams that drifted beyond the sealed envelope.
Today, fancy stationaries and fountain pens are replaced by electronic mail, discussion groups and perfume swaps (it's called evolution). Yesterday I got a sample of Poussiere de Rose by Les Parfums de Rosine from Jill, and instantly I was reminded of the dreamy days of letters… I recognized the scent as soon as I opened the vial, but once placed on the skin, the powdery, sweetly spiced rosy, powdery, peachy scent blossomed and made me feel like a letter that wants to be read…

  • Les Parfums de RosinePerfume ReviewPoussiere de RoseRose
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