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Mother's Day Fund Raising & Draw

First of all, many thanks to Katie from Scentzilla who initiated this Mother's Day fund raising project of Benevolent Blogging , which I decided to join via SmellyBlog. On Mother's Day, for each comment made on the participating blogs, the blogger will be donating a set amount of money to a charity of their choice.

There are quite a few perfume related bloggers participating in this fabulous project, including my own SmellyBlog, and if you comment on those blogs, you will be supporting those causes with good thoughts as well as money, and also have a chance to win cool prizes!

Being a woman and an entrepreneur, I chose to give to FINCA International, an organization that provides loans to low-income micro entrepreneurs, focusing especially on women.
Thus, for each person that will post a comment on SmellyBlog on Mother’s Day (May 14th), I will donate $1 to FINCA International. I truly believe that small businesses make a huge contribution to our communities both culturally and economically, and also this is a great opportunity for women to lead an independent life.

What else is there in it for you?
You will enter a draw and can win one of the two fragrant prizes!
A 1/8oz roll-on OR a 1oz EDP spray bottle of Altruism, my wonderful fund raising perfume in many a galas and silent auctions for worthy causes.



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