• Mother’s Day Spring Extravaganza
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Mother’s Day Spring Extravaganza

I just came back from my fantastic spring visit to Israel with a new stock of pendants - still warm from the designer's atelier! All are pure sterling silver and are handcrafted and sweatshop free. Now offered at a special 25% off discount - original price is $150, and now offered to you at a special discount until Mother's Day (May 14th, 2006) – for only $112!!!

This is a really special gift for Mother's Day - Ayala Moriel's unique perfumed pendants, filled with perfume and adorned with the lovely fairy-and-a-drop logo embossed on the lid - the drop being an outrageously luminous and colourful turquoise-shade opal stone. The pendant holds about 2.5ml of crème parfum of your choice. Email me to receive a free fragrance consultation to help you choose a perfume for your own mother or significant woman in your life, or to treat yourself to this unique piece of fragrant jewellery.

Also, our sales from last month continues, with lots of larger size bottles that are being discontinued as we are gradually transitioning to our "new look". Our new bottles and packaging as well as our brand-new website will be officially launched June 2006. Large bottles of 2 oz (60ml) for only $99 (original price $135), 1 oz (30ml) spray bottles for only $75 (original price $85). And don't forget - we still have a few testers left, for a steal of $25 per bottle - these are refillable purse sprays of 1/4 oz (7.5ml) and are full of yummy juice...

* Please inquire about the availability of your favourite fragrance. Until our new website is launched we will be still processing all orders manually and via the email or phone.

More on our liquidation shelf are the last 5 of our sterling silver compacts with an opal stone (just the locket without the pendant), freshly filled with gorgeous and creamy solid perfumes of White Potion (2 available), Lavandouli, Megumi and Cabaret (the latter is adorned
with an amethyst). These are offered at half of the original price, for only $75.
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