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FIFA World Cup 2006

FIFA world cup 2006, originally uploaded by flip-flops.

Well, the image above is the best one to portray why on earth I haven't blogged for more than a week. Very unusual of me, however, I don’t intend to apologize – but rather – deepen the gap of posting: Don't expect to read anything on this blog until the Mondeal is over (I may post, if I have time between games, work, sleep, family and other crucial things to my survival, but I can’t promise). Once every four years I turn into a sweaty-sports-bar dweller, hairy-chested, gut-beered and most importantly (and in fact the only thing that is not exaggerated here) a sunflower seed spitter who stares at the green field in the TV and cheers, shouts and swears (occasionally). So if you really miss me, watch the World Cup in Soccer whenever you can, and think about me. If you think strong and long enough, the group that deserves to win WILL in fact win (and I will not mention which one it is – you already know that, of course).

If you really hate soccer, just watch FUTURAMA’S episode named “WHY MUST I BE A CRUSTACEAN IN LOVE?” and you will understand how a soccer hater can turn into a soccer lover once in four years and put their lives on hold for a few weeks…

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