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Paloma's Corner: Vintage Perfume Reviews

A couple of years ago Paloma (aka Frances-Anne Ade), a fine lady from the Perfume Addicts forum, sent me a gift of a lifetime: about 30 or so samples of rare vintage perfumes. To her this corner is dedicated, and I am hoping to be able to live up to the challenge of decoding the mysteries of these antique beauties.

The following are the links to the reviews of these rare treasures:

Coty's Chypre (Vintage)
Balalaika (LeLong)
Shocking (Schiaparelli)
Coty's l'Origan (Vintage)
Caline (Patou)
Chantilly (Vintage)
Femme (Vintage parfum)
Kiku (Faberge)
Le Dix (Bellanciaga)
Intimate (Vintage)
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