• House No. 102178 - Ayala Moriel on Basenotes!!!
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House No. 102178 - Ayala Moriel on Basenotes!!!

Basenotes, one of the best resources online for getting information about your favourite perfumes now features Ayala Moriel Parfums!

Basenotes is an extremely friendly and informative online discussion forum where perfume lovers around the world can discuss their fragrant experiences and share their knowledge and passion.

Basenotes is more than an online discussion forum. It is an elaborate project that serves the perfume community at large: it is a place where perfume connoisseurs can read perfume related articles, keep track of their collection (or shall we call it “inventory”?), swap or sell in order to modify their perfume collection and expand their olfactory horizons (there is even a feedback forum there, just like on eBay!), get perfume news updates, find information about perfume destinations around the world in the City Guides, and even acquire cool gadgets
to announce their love of perfume to the world at large.

Membership is free of charge. However, many Basenote members have decided to put their money where their words are, and support this website, which offers great services for the perfume community, and also educates the otherwise scent-ignorant public about perfumes. Supporters receive some extra benefits, such as being able to keep private notes for each perfume in the extensive Fragrance Directory.

The directory is an elaborate perfume database. It sorts perfumes by their houses and the year they were created. It also provides an elaborate pyramid of the fragrance notes – the top, heart and base note for most perfumes. You will also find information about the perfumers who created them and the bottle designers, and links to sources online where you can acquire the perticular fragrance you are looking at.

Many thanks to Grant Osborne for running Basenotes for the past 7 years, and for adding Ayala Moriel Parfums’ fragrance pyramids to Basenotes' Directory! I am sure it took a lot more than just a couple of minutes to add all my 53 fragrances (including the Zodiac line) and their entire fragrance pyramid. Thanks to Grant, you can now find the fragrance notes for my entire collection on Basenotes. A dream come true.

Grant and Basenotes - I applaude to you!
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