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Goutal Mystery Scent Revealed!

None of you guessed it, and I don’t blame you. This was a sheer surprise to me. The Annick Goutal perfume Tamya has picked several times in a row and even tried on her own skin was none other than… (ready, set, go!):

The Magnificent,

The Rosy,


No one guessed it correctly, so I am going to just send all of the readers who commented on the Annick Goutal blog entry a sample of Tamya parfum (if you haven’t experienced it yet). Camille, Haus Von Stone, Saj and the anonymous commenter, I don’t have your mailing address, so please email it to me so I can send the scents along to you.
  • Annick GoutalAnnouncementsCe Soir Ou JamaisContests
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