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News from the Nose: Winter Holiday Specials

Dear Fragrant Friends,

In this newsletter:
* Winners Announcement for the Perfume Review Contest
* New Perfume Launches – Razala, Film Noir and Bois d’Hiver
* Cool New Gifts Packages and Stocking Stuffers Ideas
* Liquidation Sale Reminder and Update
* Updated Info about Ordering From Us

First of all, I would like to deeply thank all of you who participated in the Perfume Review Contest and took the time to review and post your impressions of my perfumes. Most of Ayala Moriel Parfums are now reviewed on MakeUpAlley and on Basenotes:

The Perfume Review Contest Winners are:
Carrie from Minnesota (won 9ml flacon of Kinmokusei);
Christine from Nebraska (won Perfumed Pendant filled with Palas Atena);
Leena from Helsinki (won a mini wardrobe of 4 of our newest scents); and
Kara from Minnesota (another lucky winner of the mini wardrobe!).


Ayala Moriel Parfums is proud to introduce our first perfume to include ambergris:


Razala is a passionate, modern love poem to thorny hills and Desert Mountains. It pulsates with vibrant, colourful spices, seductive flower petals, and precious resins and woods of Arabia. Razala is the perfumer’s Arabic nickname.
The ambergris used in this perfume was beach harvested on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and no whales were hurt or killed in the process. It was naturally cured by the sun and ocean and sea salt, and adds a stunningly smooth, animalic and sweet effect in this parfum, making it a real treasure.

Top notes: Pink Pepper, Saffron Crocus, Magnolia
Heart notes: Orange Blossom, Rose, Tuberose, Jasmine
Base notes: Ambergris, Oudh, Myrrh, Vintage Patchouli

This perfume is selling fast so place your order now!

In Winter 2007, Ayala Moriel will launch our one and only –




Film Noir is a heartless and topless perfume – with base notes only. This is a mysterious concoction of dark chocolate, patchouli and myrrh. Inspired by the cinematic genre of dark and tragic tales, this perfume is as musty and deep as the sewers of Vienna in the Third Man, as dark and tragic as the alleys of Chinatown where the anti-heroes and heroines find their death time and time again every time you watch them on the screen… But most importantly, it is as dark as the soul those who make and watch these films… It is sensual and multi-faceted despite the simplicity of its compositions, and it unravels its dark story as you wear it on your warm skin.
Film Noir is already starting to gather attention and was reviewed recently on Perfume Shrine blog by perfume reviewer Helg from Greece on Perfume Shrine Blog.

You can order a sample or pre-order a bottle, which will be ready for you just before Christmas!

We are very pleased to offer to you this season a limited edition that is both masculine and festive:


Bois d’Hiver, our masculine version of Fête d’Hiver is a limited edition for this winter. It is a very similar formula to what is known from previous years as “Fête d’Hiver pour Homme”, only now with the addition of the mouthwatering candied Christmas tree note of Fir Absolute, and fabulous, sparkling Orange Flower Water Absolute to chase away winter gloom and bring joy to your heart!

We love the new look of our sample vials, and think that they can make a great stocking stuffer, but we wanted to offer a more generous amount of juice in a more affordable price that you can use as a fragrant stocking stuffer.

Our new, limited-time offer for the Holiday Season mini bottles are 2ml, filled with parfum extrait and are adorned with our cute fairy-logo on the lid. These are offered alone for $31.99, or you can purchase a Deluxe Mini Wardrobe for only $89.99 (see below).

You can now have a miniature collection of 4 exquisite and scrumptious perfumes from Ayala Moriel to suit all moods and occasions!
Ayala Sender, Natural Perfumer and Fragrance Consultant, will help you design your own mini wardrobe, or you can choose your own.

We would like to suggest the following combinations, particularly suitable for the Holiday Season:

Winter Festival Collection:
4 Festive, luxurious scents that are particularly suitable for the winter, including three new releases:
Fete d’Hiver, Bois d’Hiver, Film Noir & Razala

Cheerful Collection:
Cheerful notes to chase away winter gloom
Tamya, Zohar, Bois d’Hiver, Yasmin

Winter Man:
A collection of 4 luxurious masculine scents, particularly suitable for winter
Bois d’Hiver, Rebellius, Finjan, L’Herbe Rouge

Now available - parfum extrait refills for your flacon!
These 15ml refill bottles can accompany your next purchase to ensure you won't run out of your favourite scent. These are attractively priced at only $180 for a package of one 8ml Parfum Extrait flacon and one 15ml refill bottle.

Don't miss this opportunity to buy larger amount of your favourite scent at a significantly discounted price! This packaging is being discontinued, as it was replaced by 8ml French Flacon with ground glass stopper. All of our perfumes are now sold only in pure parfum or parfum oil concentrations, for $90 a piece regular price.

All bottles are hand painted with our signature Fairy and the Drop logo, and the name of the perfume.

Visit my “BLOWOUT SALE” page on SmellyBlog for the most updated list of perfumes and sizes available.

Please take a look and pass on to your fragrant friends!

If you haven’t visited AyalaMorie.com recently – you can now order online via our new PayPal shopping cart. Cheqeus and money orders are still accepted.
The shopping cart is quite primitive, but it’s easy to use. Each perfume has the available sizes and forms that you can purchase on the perfume’s page.

If you want to order a Fragrance Wardrobe, a Sample Package or a Signature Perfume, the purchase buttons for those appear on this page (just don’t forget to email us to let us know which perfumes you are ordering).

For more newsletters and special offers, click on the “Perfume Discounts” link on the right sidebar on SmellyBlog.

Wishing you a joyful and fragrant Holiday Season,


Image credit: Detail of Snowflakes by tin.G
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