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From the Cinema

First evening of the pre-premiere in Vancouver, at 5th Avenue Cinema (an indie theatre owned by Leonard Schein).
We started with the giveaway - the holder of Ticket No. 046 was the lucky winner of a 9ml flacon of none other than Film Noir and he seemed rather happy!
It was nice to meet Vancouverites that like perfumes and movies, and I managed to get rid of some samples that really wanted to be worn on real skin - and get some people to sign up for my mailing list (the incentive is a $25 off for the next purchase - and I will announce the discount code for all the film attendees soon).
One more night - and one more weekend - and we'll be back to the usual routine of work and blogging... I am hoping to sign off for tonight only after posting a review of a winter favourite, Parfum Sacre.

Will report tomorrow after the next pre-premiere screening, it should be lots of fun since my friend Colleen has promised to help and I think it will be a lot better to have another person persuading people that my perfumes are not made of virgin's oily skin!
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