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Names and Scents

It’s really nice when an olfactory idea and a name or a concept pop up in my mind at the same time (or approximately the same time). When this happens, all that needs to be done, is get to the organ and start working. In other words: materializing the concept, completing the task. This is how most of my perfumes are made. But not all of them. Sometimes, I have only an olfactory idea – an accord I know I want to use, or a certain quality the perfume is going to have that is different, but I just can’t quite put it into words.

This is where I am at now. The feeling is of a terrible dissonance. A mystery that must be solved. A search for something unknown, yet utterly important. There is a sense of urge, as well as a sense of receptiveness to the answer that might come when I least expect it.

As I have mentioned earlier, my current fascination is with minimalism. Making a perfume with the least possible amount of notes to make it a perfume. This have proved wonders in my Film Noir, and I was just as pleased as I was surprised with the result, which left me with a craving for more

More gourmand notes. Bust just few of them. More bold statements. More voluptuous lusciousness of dark tones and hues. More of less is more.

I am now in an adventure, and this adventure is taking me to the dark and sweet mystery that the sun infuses in the everlasting flowers, extracted into Immortelle Absolute. This and vanilla. And wheat. Not much more than that, as the cup full of heavy brandy may tip over and spill if I just add a tad of unnecessary nuance.

Only time and patience will lead me to the right doorstep, and than I will lift my head and see a sign on the door with the name of my next perfume on it.
  • ImmortelleJournalPhoenix FeatherVanilla
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