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New Perfume: Roses et Chocolat

I would like to present to you Roses et Chocolat – a perfume that delivers three pleasures in one elegant bottle:

and… Perfume!

Roses et Chocolate is a bouquet of plush, velvety dark red roses (yet unlike most stem-cut roses, possessing a voluptuous scent); set against a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles. The perfume is what ties everything together, yet without taking away from either experience: a complex amber compound of rich resins and balsams, and a sparkling dusting of sexy spices:
the fruitiness of pink peppercorns and the sublime dry warmth of nutmeg and mace, creating an overall impression of a full-bodied red wine.

Roses et Chocolat was conceived last February, around Valentine’s Day, when I felt inspired to create a series of love potions – on the occasions of the famous lovers’ date. After many trials, I finally arrived at the desired effect in my latest version, dated July 7th. This must have been my lucky day without me knowing it. Like the former tirals, it didn’t seem right at first: the roses tend to either swallow the chocolate, or disappear in it. I just let it sit, without expecting much, and discovered only a month later that I did manage to pare down the composition and achieve the desired effect – a passionate and playful declaration of love with the most romantic gift. Kisses not included, so you’ll need to get your own...

Roses et Chocolat is offered as a limited edition. We only made 7 bottles, packaged in heart-decorated boxes (see image), and will be happy to save one for you, which can be shipped to you at the end of January, to arrive in time for Valentine’s Day.

* Like all of our Limited Edition fragrances, the fragrance is available until quantities last, but can be also made on-request when special-ordered. If the demand will exceed our expectations, we may add it to our permanent collection.

Image: lOve iS by Mirage

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