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Tincturing Matcha

Matcha being my favourite tea, I decided to try to tincture it and see if it will smell as good as the tea itself... The results so far are positively Matcha like. And it's completely different than Green Tea absolute. That roasted leaf aroma comes through very well. I haven't used this in a perfume yet, and am waiting for the right opportunity. My results with tincturing has been very futile and discouraging in the past, but I haven't given up completely - and now with some tips from skilled tincture-mavens, my interest is piqued. Some of the tinctures turned out quite nicely 0 including the Kaffir Lime Tincture (more about that another time). My interest in green notes is being renewed, and exploring the realm of tincturing opens a whole new world of possibilities that are quite exciting. The most pleasurable part of tincturing is, perhaps, the sensual connection with the tinctured materials. Preparing the materials for tincturing involved rinsing, drying, rubbing, crushing, grinding, and viewing the beautiful colours that the plants naturally possess and so generously release into the alcohol along with their aroma. When I made the Kaffir Lime Tincture, I wiped every single leaf with a damp cotton towel, to make sure they are free of dust - yet not dripping water into the tincture. I tried to share some of the sensual process with you by showing the step by step of mixing the matcha powder with the alcohol... Japanese Ceremonial Tea taken up to a totally different level... Next time it will be sake!
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