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Opalite Pendant

This pendant is adorned with a faceted tear-drop shaped Opalite - a smooth and quiet synthetic stone with milky-opalescent hues and an internal, soft pink and orange glow. The light reflects beautifully from this interesting gem (the photo really doesn’t give it justice!). Only 2 pendents are in stock.
Scents that will associate well with this unusual man-made stone are some of our more modern and clean compositions, such as Fetish, Lovender and Charisma. But really - any scent will be great, and you will really enjoy the versatility of this stone, which goes well with colourful as well as neutral wardrobe items.
This pendant is available for ordering via this page. Please remember to email me and let me know which scent you would like.
  • OpalitePerfumed JewelryPerfumed Pendant
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