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White Opal Pendant

Our new White Opal Pendant is a subtle departure from our classical turquoise pendant.
This is a high quality white opal doublet which is much more resilient to heat, scratch and wear.
It is rich and colourful, full of fiery, lively colourful lights of pink orange, green and yellow shades, and a delight to look at!
Because it is so colourful, it matches any colour of clothing and is extremely versatile that way. Opals are hands-down my favourite stones. To me, they represent versatility, and the flexibility required for designing Signature Perfumes - adpating, listening, and reflecting...
That was the reason I chose opals as the signature gemstone for my Perfumed Jewelry Collection.

When ordering your White Opal Pendant, don't forget to contact me and let me know which perfume you would like it to hold. I personally recommend Espionage, Cabaret, Tamya and White Potion for this specific colour - but these are just ideas...

There is only ONE White Opal Pendant left - one was already taken!
  • JewelryPerfumed PendantWhite Opal
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