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Labradorite Perfumed Pendant

Labradorite stone from Canada adds a special touch to this silver pendant. The stone itself is a semi-transparent silvery-brown, but what makes it so unique is the blue light reflecting from it (which unfortunately I was not able to capture in the image to the left).

Labradorite is considered a stone of spiritual awakening. And observing the blue light emanating from it and its reflective character, this attribute is absolutely fitting.

To order this pendant, click on this page, and than
email me to let me know of your choice for the fragrance.
I personally recommend the mysterious and enigmatic Indigo, l'Ecume des Jours and Kinmokusei.

There is only ONE Labradorite Pendant left - one was already taken!
  • JewelryLabradoritePerfumed Pendant
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