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DIY Love: Charlotte's Custom Underwear

If you haven't found that perfect gift yet for that special someone, Charlotte of Five Is For Riches creates custom underwear to suit your fancy. These one of a kind panties are not only sexy and unusual, they are the most comfortable pair of undies you’ll ever have, and the most durable underwear I’ve ever seen. They come in all sizes (from small to extra large), textures and styles and you can pick your own colours and the select from the original designs of appliqué (the undies above have a burning heart appliqué) and silkscreen – all designed by one talented and loving woman, Charlotte Hewson. They can be also worn by men, believe it or not. I've seen it and it's quite amazing to see what these undies are willing to cover... (should have kept the photos, I knew it!). These make a perfect romantic gift as well as a gensture of friendship between girls - you can know it will become a staple in her wardrobe!
To order, all you'll need to do is email Charlotte and let her know your pants' size and favourite colours.

My friend Charlotte is one of the most talented textile artists I’ve met. She taught me how to make my own underwear in a special Valentine’s Day workshop at the late Seamrippers studio (now defunct, but hopefully it will re-open). Which, now that I’m thinking about it – can be another treat you can give yourself: take one of Charlotte’s workshops, and learn how to make your own underwear. It only takes 45 minutes!
  • Custom UnderwearDIY LoveFive Is For Riches
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