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Artisan Chocolate Truffles & A Chocolate Contest

What can be better than chocolate? A hand-made chocolate!
The following are two original, artisanal chocolatiers, one is a Vancouver based chocolatier, who makes some of the best chocolate truffles, as well as other sweets; the other is a perfumer who dares to pour some of her fragrant ideas into a base of chocolate, with some stunning results!

Bad Girl with a Good Taste
Some of the best chocolate I’ve ever had come from a little company called Bad Girl Chocolates. These artisanal chocolate truffles are all handcrafted by one lady, Kelly Boyd, and are just amazing. My favourites are the Gianduja Pyramids, and I love both the dark and the milk chocolates ones. The dark one has a hint of coffee flavour and the hazelnuts are a tad crunchier, while the milk one is smooth and creamy… The pomegranate truffles are to die for with their contrast of dark chocolate against a smooth filling of tart pomegranate. There are a few new falvours which I haven’t tried thouhg, such as the Hot Chocolate Truffle (heart shaped and with edible gold leaf) and the Fleur de Sel Caramel Truffle, with the infamous French salt for as an added nuance. These are very reasonably priced for their quality and artistry, and are worth every penny. They can be shipped to anywhere in Canada, or be picked up if you live in Vancouver.

Desire in Sunlight's Perfumed Chocolates
Isabelle Aurel is a student of Mandy Aftel, and her line features many interesting solid and liquid perfume. But perhaps the most romantic of all are her edible perfumed chocolates: Chocolate ganache infused with precious essential oils – jasmine absolute, blue lotus, tuberose and many more. These could make the most romantic and sensual desert dinner – by pairing the gently melted ganache with an array of exotic fruits and nuts. Isabelle recommends dipping figs in the jasmine chocolate - the ultimate aphrodisiac treat!

Isabelle also makes chocolate truffles, which come in three flavours:
Sweetheart Tuberose
Spirit Blue Lotus
Seductive Jasmine

Share your favourite artisanal chocolatiers from your own town, and be one of the two lucky winners to receive a 2ml miniature of one of my liquid chocolate parfums - Guilt or Film Noir.

Next: My very own recipe for red-hot-chocolate, plus a very sexy surprise!

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