• ...And The Chocolate Winners Are:
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...And The Chocolate Winners Are:

Thank you to all of the participants in my two chocolate contests this February!

The following are the winners of my chocolate perfumes, Guilt and Film Noir:

Thank you to all of you who participated in the "Name Your Favourite Artisan Chocolatier" contest!

The winners of the draw are Dana and Moonmaiden. Please email me with your mailing address so I can send you your prize - a miniature of either Film Noir or Guilt (It's your choice!).

For future chocaholic reference, here are the links to the chocolatiers recommended by SmellyBlog readers:

Dilettante Chocolate in Seattle, recommended by Dana, who particularly loves their Dark Chocolate Truffles.

Leonidas Fresh Belgian Chocolate in Greece, recommended by Helg, who loves their pralines.

DeBrand Chocolates in Fort Wayne, Indiana - recommended by Moonmaiden, who also hints to us that they have a monthly giveaway!

Endangered Species Chocolates, recommended by Lizzy from Hawaii, who loves to share the Bat Bar with her son. Dark chocolate with chocolate nibs - this sounds both yummy and healthy! Way to go for your son for taking in the dark side of chocolate, I had to turn 30 before fully appreciating the seduction of dark chocolate!

I am now eager to explore all the artisan chocolatiers you've recommended!

You all did really well guessing the girly scent in my perfume collection David fell for. But only one of you guessed right - and it was Helg! Please email me to let me know your choice for a mini - Film Noir or Guilt.

Yes, David's new favourite perfume is none other than L de Lolita Lempicka. The packaging, for those who don't know, looks like a flat heart with golden charms. It almost looks like a celebrity scent in a way... The packaging is not the best in terms of practicality. David had struggled with it quite a bit - from twisting the cap and locking it to pulling it apart... At least, this is the small 30ml bottle (it was availale only for a short time around the holidays) so it's not too difficult to hold it in my hand).
I consider myself very lucky to share L with David - it's always a nice surprise to get a waft of vanilla, orange and cinnamon from him!
Plus it gives me an excuse to stock up on this beauty. My next L purchase is going to be the pure parfum!

A little note about the above photo - it's a monument for Quetzalcoatl, the Atztec God of Chocolate. Isn't it great?
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