• 7th Annual Basenotes Awards
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7th Annual Basenotes Awards

Basenotes finally released the complete list of winner for their gold, silver and bronze awards in 12 categories. To view the complete list of winners and nominees in all the various categories, visit Basenotes.

Here is a summary of the gold winners:

• Best Fragrance (Women's): Chanel No. 5

• Best Fragrance (Men's): Chanel Egoiste

• Best New Fragrance (Women's): Annick Goutal Songes

• Best New Fragrance (Men's): Terre d'Hermes

• Best for Day Wear (Women's): Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue

• Best for Day Wear (Men's): Terre d'Hermes

• Best for Evening Wear (Women's): Guerlain Shalimar

• Best for Evening Wear (Men's): YSL M7

• Best Packaging (Women's): Chinatown by Bond No.9

• Best Packaging (Men's): Dior Homme

• Best Designer or Fine Fragrance (Women's): Guerlain Mitsouko

• Best Designer or Fine Fragrance (Men's): Guerlain Vetiver

• Best Mass Market (Women's): Tabu by Dana

• Best Mass Market (Men's): Old Spice

• Best Niche (Women's): Bois de Portugal by Creed

• Best Niche (Men's): Carnal Flower by Frederic Malle

• Best Celebrity Fragrance (Women's): Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

• Best Celebrity Fragrance (Men's): Cumming by Alan Cumming

• Best House: Guerlain

• Best Fragrance Blog: Now Smell This

Congratulations to Now Smell This blog for winning their well deserved gold award as the best fragrance blog!
Bois de Jasmin won the silver award, and Perfume Smellin' Things won the bronze. Congratulations!
SmellyBlog was only somewhere in the top ten, which is quite an achievemnet considering that I've done nothing to win or enter any competition ;) Thank you for thinking about me :)

Basenotes holds an annual award that are voted by perfume aficionados and fragrance consumers across the world. This year the awards were sponsored by Aedes de Venustas, who donated a $200 gift certificate to one of the voters.
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