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Storing Perfumes and Fragrances

Perfumes are precious and volatile liquids. They should be kept under certain conditions in order to keep the scent lovely and fresh.

1. To open your perfume for the first time, gently twist the stopper counter-clockwise and pul it upwards.

2. When traveling, or if you like to carry your flacon with you in your purse, be sure to close ths topper properly, by applying pressure downwards when closing the stopper, and than twisting slightly clockwise. Doing so will ensure that the flacon is properly sealed, and that no perfume will spill out or evaporate.

4. We also recommend you store your perfume either in its original box when traveling, or inside a little cushioned pouch.

5. At home, your perfume should be stored in a dark, cool and dry area - away from heat, light and moisture. The ideal place would be inside a drawer or a closet.
The worst places in the house to store your perfumes would be the bathroom (steam and heat) and the kitchen (heat, steam and light). If your room is relatively dark, and you use up your fragrance ratehr fast, you may be able to get away with displaying the flacon on your dresser...
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