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Fragrance Sampling Tips

The following tips will help you experience the scent to its fullest, and be able to decide which scent you like the most.

1. To avoid olfactory fatigue: Smell only up to 5 scents at a time. You may want to inhale fresh coffee beans between sampling the fragrances, to refresh your olfactory sensitivity.

2. Smell the perfumes from the vial or the cap first, to get your first impression. Keep in mind that the initial impression will fade quickly as the perfume interacts with your skin.

3. Using scent stripes or cards: you can apply a drop or spritz of perfume on a scent stripe (a stripe of watercolour paper or other absorbent paper can be an excellent substitute), and note the different dry out stages, and compare the different scents. However, this will not tell you how the perfume will smell on your skin, just how it smells on paper.

4. Apply a small amount of the desired perfume on the pulse points of your clean, unscented wrist (not previously scented!). Let the scent develop on your skin for several hours. This way you will experience the dry out phase, and learn how the perfume interacts with your own personal body chemistry and affects you mood. You want to "live with the perfume" for a day or more before making any decisions.

5. It is recommended that you wear only one perfume at a time on both wrists. This way you will experience the fragrance better.
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