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Corpse Flower

Corpse Flower 30-06-2007, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

Now, on a far less pleasant note, I did find this corpse flower in the rhododendron garden earlier that Saturday... It's the first time I'm seeing it here at the rhododendron garden, which is usually known for far more pleasant habitants. In Israel, we have a much smaller variety which smells like old human feces. Just like this corpse flower you can see above, it also attracts flies (which it feeds on once they get caught in its juicy trap). I'd take that any day over the smell of this particular corpse flower.
And how did the one in the picture smell? Rotten fish! Now I can almost understand what Grenouille was trying to avoid by becoming a murderous perfumer... I'd do anything to avoid this stench, it was sickening and I could barely stand there long enough to take a few close up shots...
There were no rhododendrons left in the garden (except for one bush, which was not of a fragrant variety), so I had to run for my life after that and go straight to the sea... Grenouilles favourite smell until he got spoiled on virgin body odour... I'll stop now before I frighten myself too much!

P.s. I am not so sure that "Corpse Flower" is the accurate name for this particular variety. This is not the Titan arum although you must admit it has quite an impressive phallic centerpiece... If you have a clue of the true name and/or Latin name, please share it with me. I am sure it's a type of Amorphophallus, but the exact species, I am not sure...

  • Corpse FlowerJournalPerfume The MoviePerfume The Story of a Murderer
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