• Hope, Victory and Passion
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Hope, Victory and Passion

Is it possible that Lee Myung-Bak victory in the presidential elections for South Korea rely on perfume?
Reuters reports that a custom scent named "Great Korea" was secretly spread in the crowd around Lee Myung-Bak during his election campaign, with the sole purpose to remind the voters of the same scent later near the ballots of the same fragrance (secretly, of course).

Thankfully, Canadians need not to fear of such electorial manipulation in their vast country; their capital city Ottawa is one of the leading cities in the world for anti-scent legislation. If you ever wondered why, you got your answer now.

Image of Grenuille's charismatic concour with fragrance ruling the crowds in the movie "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" - courtesy of imdb.com
  • Great KoreaLee Myung-BakPolitics and Perfume
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