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Pure Skin Care

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Facial skin-care regime that is free of preservatives, dyes and other impurities...

After washing your face with warm water (or warm water and salt or castile soap, if you prefer...), tone your skin with a pure floral hydrosol. Use orange flower water if you have an oily or acne prone skin. Use rosewater or rosewater mixed with vegetable-glycerine. If you have a sensitive skin, use a mister to apply to the face. Otherwise, you can use a cotton ball or cosmetic pad.

Moisturizing Treatment:
Best used before bedtime, for dry to normal skin. Apply after toning your skin with hydrosol.
Make your own mixture of your favourite oils, choosing from:
- Squalane oil (opt for the olive oil derived, rather than the shark-liver derived variety)
- Rosa Mosquetta Oil
- Apricot Kernel Oil
- Jojoba Oil
- Sea Buckthorn Berry or Seed Oil
- Essential oils of your choice that are beneficial for your skin type. i.e.: neroli (for normal to oily skin), rose and carrot seed oil (for mature skin), chamomile (for sensitive skin).

I use a blend with the following:
4ml rosa mosquetta oil
5ml squalene oil
1ml Jojoba oil
0.5ml Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil
3 capsules Vitamine E oil (from natural source)
1 drop Rose otto
1 drop Neroli essential oil

  • Facial ElixirNon-Comedogenic OilSkin Care
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