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Mental Notes: SmellyBlog's Take On Parfum de Jour

Every day there are fragrances that make it for me. The smells of cooking, of plants and flowers or city odours in my surroundings, essences that I immersed myself in at my lab, and of course the perfume I chose for the day. It would be interesting to keep a daily log of little, mundane olfactory events that caught my attentinon.

Matza Brie frying for breakfast. It's amazing what a difference one little dish can make in creating a holiday atmosphere (or not, if you choose to not make it and miss out). Essentially, it's the scent of wet crackers dipped in eggs and pan fried...

Random Encounter:
My Pilates teacher's Gucci perfume this morning. I'm almost certain it's Gucci Rush but have to check it out to confirm.

Parfum de Jour:
Razala parfum oil. It's interesting how the rose and the oudh are coming out today on my skin. For the record, I've been wearing Le Parfum de Thérèse in the past few days as it reminds me of wearing it in the heat of Passover in Israel. It's hot here too, as long as I'm indoors and looking at the sun from inside, avoiding the chilly breezes.

This is going to be a new feature of SmellyBlog. Simply sharing the fragrances that made my day. I hope you'll chime in and tell us about yours. Not meant to replace the more in-depth features of this blog or interfering with its nature, but merely an excercise of keeping a daily olfactory (or is it smelly?) log, and making this webspace a little more interactive.
  • Le Parfum de ThérèseMental NotesParfum de Jour
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