• Mental Notes: It's HOT!
  • Mental Notes

Mental Notes: It's HOT!

I is over room temperature in Vancouver today (verrrry unusual), and we are all cooking... To top it off, I spent most of the day at the market, not the beach...
I wore my Charisma, with its refreshing spearmint and green tea notes. And served a cool Tirzah tea (which is now sold out until a new batch is made! Yay!).
I suppose the need for hydration is excellent day for increasing tea sales...

Being one of those days that calls for an extra shower in the evening, I was given the opportunity to switch my perfume once again. So this evening I am wearing Bronze Goddess lotion (the scent has already faded into a warm-skin-and-sand subtlety) as a background, and in the foreground, I've anointed my wrists and pulse points with nothing less than Film Noir in creme parfum. The creme parfum makes it smell drier, somehow.

Tomorrow I'll be back with some more substantial entries. In the meantime - share your parfum de jour or any other interesting olfactory encounters of the day. Alternatively, I'll be more than just a little curious to hear what fragrances help you cool off in a very hot and humid day.

Good night!
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