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Ayala's Aphrodisiac Guide

Dear Fragrant Friends,

Sunrays have been gracing Vancouver in the past week, reminding me the possibilities of spring as the days grow longer. A season marked by its shameless display of sexuality by plants and animal alike – from birds mating and nesting to colourful flower beds and blooming trees. I really cannot wait for the cherry and almond blossoms to come out!

And so in some ways, the early spring holidays, such as Tu Bishvat (a Jewish holiday celebrated on February 9th this year) - otherwise know as the New Year of the Trees; and Valentine’s Day only 5 days later, both mark the awakening of the senses and renewal of life after the surviving the challenges of the dark season.

In this newsletter:

Aphrodisiacs 101

"If there's bread there's love" by Noam Dehan

Since the beginning of time, perfumes and aromatics were used to seduce, empower and get us closer to God, ourselves and one another. The earliest perfumes were incense – burnt resins, woods and gums whose smoke was believed to carry one’s prayers to the gods, and also seduce one’s mind to focus on the inner self.

Aphrodisiacs have been mankind’s obsession, probably just as long – herbs, spices, fruit and animal body parts that were believed to awaken the passion and bring forth love. Aphrodisiacs can be beautiful luscious fruit like figs or bananas, rare flowers such as mandrake or orchid, exotic tree bark such as yohimbe, or in the oddest cases – rhinoceros horns and the tiger’s penile bone. In the modern Western world, aphrodisiacs are mostly replaced by supplements and prescription drugs that are quite readily available yet have none of the mystique of their former selves. Thankfully, for those of us still seeking mystery and excitement there is still perfume.

The Art of Olfactory Seduction

So what makes perfume so seductive and sensual?

Regardless if a perfume contains aphrodisiacs or not - it can give you something that no capsule or drug would: Perfume has the power to seduce the senses, lure us to love and set the mood for passion. Some of it is still a complete mystery (which makes it so much more fun and interesting) and some of it is can be explained by analyzing and understanding the type of stimulation different perfumes offer.

Part of why perfume is so seductive is because it makes the person who wears it feel good about themselves. Feeling confident usually attracts the opposite sex – perhaps even if the woman was unable to smell the scent, as a recent study shows.

This is why my answer to the famous question “what perfume will attract the opposite sex” is first and foremost – a perfume that attracts you! For that purpose, knowing yourself and what you like and dislike is key. Which is why I offer fragrance consultations as an integral part of my service to all of my customers. No matter where you or your loved one live– I am always here to help you find the perfect scent for you, one that would speak to your heart and seduce your senses. I will either help you pick a scent from my collection of 54 originally composed perfumes, hand-blended to perfection; or if you wish to embark on an even more adventurous journey – create a Signature Scent that is just for you – an unforgettable olfactory impression of you.

Ayala’s Aphrodisiac Guide

When we look at the aromatics that are considered aphrodisiacs in aromatherapy practice, and have been used for centuries by ancient traditions as well as in perfumery – they seem to be divided into four major categories: stimulants, erogenous/sedative scents, narcotic flowers, and those who mimic the human’s body odour or pheromones.

Of course, keep in mind that there are also personal differences – you may be more prone to react to certain aphrodisiacs than others. A scent that a former lover had worn may increase (or decrease, it all depends) desire when smelled again even when they are not around…

Spicing it Up: Stimulating Notes

Here is where you will find most of the spice oils. Creating the sensation of heat, the increase blood pressure and circulation is similar to sexual arousal. Spice oils have a definite character of their own, and spice up any perfume composition, quite literally. These include essential oils, CO2 and absolute extractions from the exotic yet familiar spices in our kitchen, such as:

* Black Pepper * Ginger * Cinnamon * Cardamom * Clove Buds * Nutmeg * Juniper Berry

Recommended spicy perfumes:

Wake up to smell the coffee and warm spices with Finjan; wrap yourself in a sexy woolen shawl with Ginger & Amber; and have a romantic cinnamon-waffles brunch with Immortlle l’Amour topped with maple syrup.

Some herbs also have a lively, spicy, pungent aroma with a similar effect, and these oils can be used similarly to spice-up and add a vibrant passion to a scent. These herbs are also known as anti-depressants and stimulants, which might explain a lot about their effect as aphrodisiacs:

* Spearmint * Peppermint * Rosemary * Basil

Enjoy a good dose of flirt with ArbitRary’s basil and lime combination; enjoy a sprig of rosemary on your Gaucho ride; and show off your Charisma with this sexy pairing of jasmine green tea, spearmint and bergamot.

Scents from the Boudoir: Sedative, Erogenous Notes

While the previous category was mostly of pungent, lively spices and herbs – oftentimes eroticism and sexual arousal needs a relaxing environment for the mind and the body for the passionate feeling to be awakened. Deep, sensual aromas such as resins, balsams and woods provide that type of stimulation. Cumin one of the notes that is the most similar to human sweat than any other that I know of. And frankincense and myrrh are more traditionally considered as sedatives in aromatherapy, which also might explain their traditional religious uses – as they soothe both physical and emotional pain and calm the mind. Labdanum (rockrose) is a mild aphrodisiac of a sweet, balsamic nature which is slightly reminiscent of feminine sexual secretions.

* Agarwood * Ambrette Seed * Atals Cedarwood * Costus * Cumin * Frankincense * Myrrh * Labdanum * Patchouli

Use Film Noir to deceivingly seduce your victim. It will even linger on your lover’s clothes if you sneak a scented Film Noir sachet into her lingerie drawer or his coat’s pocket.

Get dirty with Autumn’s sweaty sex notes of cumin and labdanum; and indulge yourself and your lover in Razala’s Arabian oud, ambergris and myrrh.

Say it with Flowers: Floral and Narcotic Notes

Flowers are the plants’ genitalia, and in their evolution have developed interesting interrelations with the animal kingdom to help them spread their genes. Flowers take on shapes and colours similar to those of insects and even aromas that would make them more attractive to the animals they rely on helping them pollinate and procreate. And it is therefore not surprising that flowers have been used to communicate emotions such as love and desire and been regarded to symbolize virtues such as beauty (red roses), purity (white roses or lilies), modesty (violet) or seduction (tuberose).

Most floral notes are rich with indole, a chemical that is actually found in human feces. It’s interesting how this note has both the power to repel and compel. An overdose of indole is definitely off-putting; but it is this very molecule that makes jasmine smell so attractive and sensual. Synthetic jasmine compounds that lack this element were found to be completely useless… Another narcotic floral is tuberose, a flower related to the narcissus whose odour intensifies at night time. It is so potent that in the olden days, virgin girls were forbidden from going through tuberose fields after sunset from fear that the flower’s power will overcome their modest virtues.

* Jasmine * Narcissus * Rose * Tuberose * Ylang Ylang * Orange Blossom

Get dreamy with White Potion’s creamy tuberose and matching candle, and venture on dangerous territories with Schizm’s explosion of white florals – tuberose, orange blossom and jasmine on a bed of fungi. For the jasmine lover there is nothing more poetic than Yasmin’s dawn-to-midnight bloom.

And for the die-hard rose lovers, we have several red rose bouquets to choose from:

Cabaret, with an edible explosion rosewater and coconut, amber and musk; Fête d'Hiver - an irresistible powdery rose and incense perfume; and Rosebud for the pure, fresh rose lover.

Song of Songs is perhaps the most poetic expression of love inspired by the Song of Solomon, pairing the qualities of ancient erogenous resins, saffron spice and several types of roses. And last but not least - Roses et Chocolat can be experienced simultaneously as a perfume, tea, candle and chili spiked chocolate truffles.

Not to mention this gorgeous, rosy vintage pillbox and rose-shaped poison ring to match your selection of rose perfume!

Chemical Illusions and Secret Secretions

And lastly, there are notes that either imitate or stimulate a sexual hormone or mimic a human sexual odour - and are often used in aromatherapy to balance these hormones. The most famous of these is Clary Sage, which acts as an estrogen balancer for women. Aniseed has a similar effect and has a mysterious aroma that can be very valuable in scented love potion. Licorice, which has a similar taste to that of aniseed, is said to stimulate both estrogen and testosterone.

The concept of odorous pheromones in humans still contains a large portion of an unproven myth. Pheromones are primarily used by insects – and in fact are usually scentless chemicals that activate a built-in reaction in those creatures. Insects communicate with pheromones to deliver information about food, danger and sexual cycles to other individuals within their species. Even though some odorous pheromones were discovered in humans, their role in the mating process haven’t been solidly proven yet. It is more likely that the scents that cause people to choose their mates are a result of metabolic processes and are indicative of genetic or immune-system related information that is specific to the individuals rather than have any connection to pheromones (which are a species-wide phenomenon and in humans have probably less impact on the mating process).

Animal secretion, which are usually used by the animal itself to attract the other sex within their species, have a similar effect on humans, even though in full concentration they usually smell repulsive. Musk are particularly associated with the natural sexual scent of men, and ambergris (as well as its vegetal perfumer’s imitation called “amber”) is considered more feminine. Sandalwood oil is unique for its chemical make up that is quite similar
to Androstenol – a pheromone found in men’s sweat. Generally speaking,
men’s natural body odour is more sharp and similar to musk, and women’s
body odour is sweeter and reminiscent of amber (as mentioned earlier – labdanum has a similar scent to some extent).

* Ambergris * Civet * Musk & musky notes * Sandalwood

Espionage is not only my favourite perfume, but also the one that most closely resembles the skin’s natural scent with its vegetal musks. It’s perfect especially if you want to sneak up on someone… A dab of Bon Zai will give you a sutble but lasting supply of sandalwood’s pheromones; Sahleb will give your skin an innocently sensual milkiness with its abanudance of ambrette and orris; and Razala has a love-potion reputation of capturing the hearts of men and women alike. animalic notes of ambergris and agarwood.

Vote for Virgo Perfume on Etsy Storque

Virgo Zodiac Perfume was nominated by Storque (Etsy's blog) as one of 60 best Season of Love Ladies items on Etsy.com.

Please vote here to show your support!

Romantic Gift Ideas

For more gift ideas for Valentine's Day, visit our Gifts Page or Ayala's Etsy Shop for rare finds (poison rings and other collectibles) and one-of-a-kind perfumes ready to be adopted as your signature scent!

And of course call us anytime so we can help you find the perfect gift and personalize it for your loved ones!

Chocolate Elixir & Truffles

Chocolate is a praised aphrodisiac that creates a feel-good reaction that is similar to that we feel when we fall in love and is just as addictive, as theobramine (one of the main active constituents in cocoa) simulates endorphins in the nervous system . Chocolate paired with chili peppers is a powerfully stimulating love potion and also tastes magnificently good! It’s easy to make your own spiced hot-chocolate, spiked with black chili peppers, vanilla and cinnamon (click here for a recipe).

Last declaration of love for the chocoholics among us: I will be making my infamous Blood Truffles (dark chocolate, rose, saffron and chili) and White Potion truffles (white chocolate, tuberose and coconut) this weekend, which can be delivered to your door within 2-3 business days - just in time for Valentine's Day!

Each truffle gift box contains 8 beautiful truffles and is tied with a ribbon ready to be received as a gift. If you prefer a different flavour, you can also order a full batch of 40 truffles from our original flavours or get one custom-made for you.

Next week: Last Minute Romantic Ideas and Menu for Valentine's Day

Love & Luck,


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