• Happy Tu BiShvat!
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Happy Tu BiShvat!

hashkediya porachat, originally uploaded by orenel.

Happy Tu BiShvat, 15th of the month of Shvat and the New Year of the Trees to those celebrating.

This time of the year, almond trees bloom back home in my native land (well, one of them, I do have two homes), symbolizing the returning of spring, and everybody is planting trees and eat dried fruit and fruit salad... It's a simple and unfussy holiday that has the scent of moist soil and earth warms and the hint of cyclamens in the air.

I wish I could plant a fruit-bearing tree tomorrow. This is something I really want to look into. Perhaps not a fruit-bearing tree but any tree to help nourish our planet and take care of it. You don't have to be Jewish to do that, any day of the year will do, and it will help reduce our carbon print.

tu bishvat hegia, originally uploaded by giladlotan.

  • Almond BlossomHolidayTu BiShvat
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