• The Winner Stands Alone
  • Paulo CoelhoThe Winner Stands Alone

The Winner Stands Alone

Fashion. Whatever can people be thinking? Do they think fashion is something that changes according to the season of the year? Did they really come from all corners of the world to show off their dresses, their jewellery and their collection of shoes? They don’t understand. ‘Fashion’ is merely a way of saying: ‘I belong to your world. I’m wearing the same uniform as your army, so don’t shoot.’

- Some interesting thoughts about fashion in this excerpt from Paulo Coelho's new book "The Winner Stands Alone". You can read the first chapters here.
Being moved by other books he's written, The Alchemist and The Witch from Portobello - I can't wait to read this book when it's out!

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  • Paulo CoelhoThe Winner Stands Alone
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