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Weekly Giveaway Winner(s) Announcement

Thank you for everyone who posted their favourite spring scents on SmellyBlog!
This week was so busy, I couldn't respond to all of your comments; something I hope to reverse on Monday, when I'm back to the computer after the monthly Portobello West market.

But I do have time to let you know who the winner is! Or, more accurately - the winners, because we have three prizes:

Winner no. 1: flittersniffer
You won a miniature of Zohar!
It's not like Vanille Galante or Fleur de Shanghai, but I hope you are going to enjoy it!

Winner no. 2: ahsu
You won a tin of Charisma tea, with pomelo blossoms. I hope this will bring the orchard into your tea cup!

Winner no. 3: womo531
You won a decant spray bottle of Narciso Rodriguez Her Eau de Toilette

Please contact me with your mailing addresses, so I can ship your prizes on my next trip to the post office.

Have a fabulous weekend, and see you again on Monday :-)
  • Winner Announcement
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