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Today was a bright winter day. So beautiful that it reminded me of summer - easy to achieve when I'm at the warmth of my home looking at the sunny outdoors with the birds chirping on the tree. As long as I ignore how nakedly leafless the tree is.

And this sun was giving me just enough boost of inspiration to tackle the difficult matter of the Coal Harbour perfume. Those who have followed this blog know I've began working on it a couple of weeks ago. Those who can read my mind know that I've been contemplating this perfume, with mental notes and sketches of accords in my imagination (and recently also my notebooks) since summer 2009.

Artists are restless. The moment one thing nears completion (see: Etrog perfume) it only gives the confidence to approach more difficult projects that were avoided, procrastinated upon or completely neglected for no reason at all. And so with the progress on my Etrog perfume, I felt even more motivated to open the pandora bottle of the "Coal Harbour Accord" I built around seaweed absolute back in January. It was time to make it pretty.

I proceed cautiously and I will do so quietly for now. But what I have explored on blotter strips back in January is taking shape nicely in the bottle, drop by drop. And I've surprised myself when olibanum (frankincense) was calling for attention from the organ, waving to be included in this perfume. I always find it fascinating how one area of study or focus complements another. I've just finished writing about frankincense and it's been on my mind more than usual. And it seems just right in the perfume. Without me ever knowing it will be there. I love when surprises like that happen.
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