• Object + Handmade Show

Object + Handmade Show

Wondering what I've been up to? I've been so up to my neck doing 4 events and shows 3 weekends in a row that I haven't even had much time to blog about it! Not to mention, it's already the 6th night of the holiday, and it's only now that I'm wishing you all a Happy Chanukah! May the remaining 3 nights be filled with light and joy, warmth and happiness.

The last of them all winter holiday shows was Object + Handmade, a show of artisans celebrating distinct handmade craft and design @ maai living 157 west hastings, vancouver bc Dec 7 - 9 2012.
Organized and run by designers and artists Grace Lee and Johanna Brierly, this relaxed and intimate show featured about 20 top-notch designers from across Canada (some of them came from as far away as Ontario!), from all disciplines - textile arts, glass, ceramics, perfume, confections, jewelry and leather work:
Artech Glass
Ayala Moriel Parfums
David Rice Jewelry + Objects
Eikcam Ceramics
Identity Tess + Home
Jacqueline Robins Ceramics
Jessie Turner Jewellery
Johanna Brierly Jewellery
Jola V. Designs
Kosoy + Bouchard
Krank Press
Lori Popadiuk
Maai Living
Ratatouille Designs
The Gluten Free Epicurean
Uppercase Magazine

Seriously, I can't think of a better place to shop for myself and for gifts; not to mention in a very relaxed intimate environment with no rush and no big crowds. It works positively both ways: the customers get the designer's full attention; and we get know you better and maybe even have enough time to do our own holiday shopping among ourselves - double the fun! There was a real sense of community and non of the stress of the big shows - yet with artists from all over Canada getting together and celebrating a year of creativity and achievements.

Below are some pics from the show - more of which you can find in my Flickr album. Hopefully, if you haven't made it this year, you will join us for our next show.

Frida Kahlo Bunny/Heart
Freda Kahlo pendant by Visamexicana

Martin of Cocolico camouflaging behind the  caramels...
Martin of Cocolico camouflaging behind caramels (try not to eat him...)

Jacqueline Robins Ceramics
Jacqueline Robins Cermacis (sporting Film Noir, in case you haven't noticed...)

snow owls and gold glaze by  eikcam
Snow owls and gold glaze by eikcam 

Crafty Girls!
two crafty show girls, who spent the afternoon doing their own art work behind the scenes.

Beautiful Hitoko and her textile art
Beautiful Hitoko and her textile art. She's mind blowingly talented and you must see her pieces in person to appreciate the details and artistry!

Ayala Moriel Parfums
Yours truly taking advantage of the festivities to wrap myself in vintage Canadian beaver fur...
Leatherwork by Jola V. Designs - very special!
Leather and vintage fur artwork by Jola V. Designs.

Beautiful Jolanta
Jolanta and her leather bags & accessories.

Dreidel draw treasure box + kumquats
2nd Annual Driedel Draws - spin the dreidel to win a perfume gift from my treasure box!

New Candles: Bon Zai and Orcas

My collaboration with eikcam - 2 scented candles: Orcas and Bon Zai. Very limited edition - and only 3 candles left of it!
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