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Catherine & her new InCarnation
One of the things I love the most about my job is getting to know the people who wear my perfumes and seeing how their personality (or hidden parts of it) is so beautifully reflecting the olfactory stories I create...

Perhaps the most surprising moment of the season if not the entire year was when a 5 year old came by with her family as part of her birthday celebrations to the Object + Handmade show. I don't even have the words to describe how amused and touched I was to watch her selection process (accompanied by her 7 year old sister) which mostly comprised of 2 sniffs followed by "no". Despite the fact that the two girls are accustomed to Hello Kitty perfume types (read: artificial fruity floral), the young discerning customer have fallen for Bon Zai

Send me a pic of yourself with your favourite Ayala Moriel perfume and we'll be happy to post about it on our fanpage and on SmellyBlog in our upcoming series of the Faces of Fragrance series! As in the above photo of Catherine with her new perfume, InCarnation. It was so wonderful to meet her and see her swoon over an InCarnation solid perfume. The next day at the show I brought her the first bottle of InCarnation roll-on in the new packaging. It has an art-nuveau inspired illustration of carnation flowers by Terry Sunderland.
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