• Treazon's Day Has Arrived!

Treazon's Day Has Arrived!

Today is the auspicious date selected to officially debut Treazon - my killer tuberose perfume that's been in the making since October 2005. Although it was finalized as a complete formula last summer, I had to wait till now for just the right date to reveal it to you in all its salicylic glory!
Pure tuberose absolute notes unfold with the support of orange blossom and salicylic notes from wintergreen and sweet birch. It all lays on a foundation of sweet yet woodsy, liquor-like vanilla absolute and black coconut note from massoia bark, as well as animalic African stone absolute. There is also a hint of anise and cinnamon to bring a mystery and warmth and a realism for a cut tuberose flower as it releases its scent into the dark room that's been lit by suffocated candles.
In the pre-launched 12 bottles were already sold, and it's really encouraging to see it being received so warmly. For those of you who are wondering - it is also now available in the travel roll-on parfum oil as well as mini which make a perfect winter holiday gift.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
It truly makes my Chanukah so much more special.
To welcome Treazon into the Ayala Moriel family - and more importantly: into your perfume wardrobe - those of you who will order it today (December 12) will receive a free White Potion chocolate bar, which is also infused with tuberose!

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