Cold-processed, hand-crafted soaps by Ayala Moriel. Soaps are made mostly from organically grown oils (including home-grown extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil), infused with wild and organic botanicals, fruits and veggies, and scented with natural essences only. Colours are naturally occurring from the botanicals within the soaps and the occasional colourful clays. Wrapped with recycled, bio-degradable vegetable wax-paper. All the soaps are designed, carefully handcrafted by Ayala Moriel in her studio in Clil. 

We have a few different soaps available: Signature soaps perfumed with Ayala Moriel's fragrances (Film Noir, Vetiver Racinettes, ArbitRary, Bon Zai and Beach Lily).

"Sabon Bar" - our Wild Soap Bar collection of soaps infused with wild botanicals and resins, wild honey and local organic goat's milk, i.e.: Milk & Honey, Mastic Soap, Wild Amber Soap, Sage & Myrrh, Absinthe & Lavender, Za'atar (traditional pure olive oil soap made with Seawater), Lavender & Olibanum, etc. 

And Luxury Facial soaps that are mild and assist with a number of skin conditions: Carrot Soap (Unscented), Carrot & Chamomile, Cucumber (Unscented), Cucumber & Hemp (intense green scent!), Black Soap (with Charcoal & Black Seed, especially for acne), Papaya & Mango Soap (both scented & unscented).  

Lastly, we have a wonderful selection of Shampoo Bars, some of them from the signature collection (Film Noir, Beach Lily which are rich and creamy, with coconut milk, cacao and shea butter and therefore highly conditioning for dry and normal hair), Nettles & Rosemary (to encourage growth and healthy scalp), Dead Sea Mud (for oily hair and dandruff).  

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