Aqua Mirabillis

Aqua Mirabillis Collection of fragrant eaux is inspired by the Medieval "Miracle Waters"-  the first alcohol-based perfumes in Europe. Citrus peels, along with astringent herbs, were tinctured into "Aqua Vitae" ("Water of Life" meaning Alcohol) and were used both internally as medicine, and externally as disinfectant, for relieving sore muscles or simply as a substitute for bathing. Inspired by these antique practice and the abundance of healing plants in the Mediterranean wilderness surrounding the new studio in Clil, the Aqua Mirabillis Collection was born. These are perfumes for external use only, featuring ingredients rarely found in perfumery, which Ayala Moriel grows, harvests, forages and tinctures all by hand in the traditional old ways. Ingredients such as mastica, varthemia, vitex, wild oregano, sage, mint and more find their way into these fine fragrances that create a sense of well-being and connection to the Earth.
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