Shipping World-Wide

Shipping World-Wide

In a world where everything seems to become more expensive and complicated, I'm thrilled and surprised to discover a new method for shipping my creations across the globe that is faster than before, and also much cheaper. This will also enable me to ship to several destinations that were not possible before (Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, Italy, and more).

Prices have just been updated on the website to reflect that. After 20 years of shipping snail mail, and going to the post office on foot myself and hand writing each address... I'm excited to finally be printing the shipping labels, and have the parcels with your orders picked up from my studio by a delivery company (gasp!). Don't worry, the contents of the packages will remain as personal as they've ever been... Lovingly bottled, wrapped and packed by me. I'm also a firm believer in personal, handwritten notes for each person that chooses to support my very hands-on and personal kind of business in an ear of big online outlets... Thrilled to be able to offer a better customer service and faster delivery service at a more attractive price. And I won't lie to you, I do hope that this will also bring more business my way ❤

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