Thawing, originally uploaded by Ayala Moriel.

This Saturday we went for a little hike in Lynn Canyon (which have become painfully touristic, fast becoming only another version of Capilano suspension bridge affair - it's only a question of when they will be charging us to cross the bridge!). Thankfully, the trees and the vegetation and melting snowtops take no notice of who is watching them and the show went on as far as their concern went...

New smells of spring grab my attention this year - especially balsam poplar buds. At least, that's what I think is what I'm smelling. Smells are never easy to describe, and especially not without reference to another smell they resemble (in this case: Sève Exquise). Or it could be the smell of cottonwood trees in bloom, which unlike the latter, was not discontinued. But I'll attempt to put these comparisons aside and try to describe it as it is.

The air of the forest surrounding Lynn Canyon was chilly from the moisture in the air and rushing river of freshly melted snow. But it smelled warm and balmy, graced by a fuzzy warm blanket of honeyed sweetness and wild flowers. It smelled so warm and sweet that it might as well have been the sole cause for the thawing snow capped mountains.

Sève Exquise

Poplar Buds, originally uploaded by Ron.McCauley.

Sève Exquise transports me to a field of green scattered with wild flowers and surrounded by blooming cottonwood trees. Sunshine warms my heart and steeps out the aromas of spring floral into the air like tea.

Opening with fresh green notes that are juicy rather than crisp. Lemon, galbanum and poplar buds unite in a honeyed accord. Liatrix (Deer’s Tongue) contributes a soft earthy sweetness of coumarin. Sappy galbanum absolute and hints of labdanum make an underlining resinous balsamic statement with hints of powdery and incense. Exquisite sap. Utter bliss.

This is hands-down the most easy-to-wear green perfume I’ve ever come across. One that only brings me happiness with no ambivalence. There is no sharpness in it whatsoever, and the sweetness in it is not forced or artificial as in most of the others I smelled. There is none of the severity or melancholy as in No. 19, nor the decadent confectionery base notes as in Ivoire, Yerbamate or Yohji. Created by French natural perfumer Victoire Gobin-Daudé. This line that is now sadly non-available.

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